Roy: Your New Best Friend


Talk to Roy so he can learn from you. The closer of friends you become the even better Roy will understand you.


Ask Roy to order you food, do your online shopping, book a trip with travel, or get tickets to an event or movie.


After you review any order, Roy will confirm it with you, set up payment, and if necessary get delivery to your door

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What else can Roy do?

Join the Conversation

Put Roy in your contacts and then add him to any group SMS text, Facebook message, or Roy Chat app conversation

Split Payments

Roy can split order payments between everyone in a group conversation including order items, fees, and sales tax

Rack Up Rewards

Thanks to his friends, Roy can save and keep track of your rewards from the places you love to shop, eat, and travel

Keep Your Favorites

Just tell Roy you want him to remember an order, give it a name, and all you have to do is ask him for it again

Watch Your Spending

Set limits or inquiry on your spending habits and Roy will let you know where and when you can save or splurge

Send Money

In the Roy Chat app, Roy can send money to family, friends, and colleauges from a debit or credit card or bank account

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